In this Section I want to give a brief info about what changed.

13 Aug. 20152582 Nyx, 2550 Gold Horizon founded, 2941 Turth Act, 2896 Khartu-al, 2533 Idris System, 2542 Battle of Idris IV, 2571 EES Olympus, 2290 Nul System
19 June 20142745 Stor-All
06 June 2014Added some content:
2944 1st XI'AN store opened in UEE.
2931 the last stand of Kellar.
2884 CHARIOT Engine failure.
2757 Desires, the role of Anthony Tanaka.
05 June 2014Updated timeline JavaScript and removed the IRL Section. IRL is happening to much to give it a proper update here, will concentrate about the "In Game" Lore in Future.


This project is a nonprofit Fan Project for the Game "StarCitizen" by CIG. I created it on a sleepless evening during the lasting summer heat without an air-condition :(

Initial start of the Project was the fact that some Friends joined the game late and mentioned that it is hard to get a full overview about the Lore/History. I read through the StarCitizen Webpage and found it hard to get a complete Overview too. So here it is, a dynamic graphical StarCitizen History Timeline.

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Chris and Me :)

I'm a PC Gamer, Consoles could never excite me as much as my PC did. My youth was enriched by the Wing Comander Saga, from the first Game until the very last, continuing with Privateer and Freelancer. Of course I didn't hesitate as Chris Roberts announced the comeback of an Era and pledged at the very first day.

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The "Historic" Content

All Content here is taken out of official RSI sources (e.g. Writers Guide).

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    This Page was built with Open Source Tools like jQuery, jQuery UI, storyJS and the Google API. As a base for all this Content I use a Google Spreadsheet, the JavaScript on this page read the content directly out of the Spreadsheet. As soon as I update it, it will be displayed here, no need for silly HTML Editing or a local Database. You can have a look at my Spreadsheet with all raw Data here: StarCitizen-Timeline.Spreadsheet

    So, as you can see - no Magic used, no animals harmed :)


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