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Good Bye and Hello, change of focus

Star Citizen history dev recap Podcast good bye

Our Star Citizen podcast is shifting focus solely to the game's lore, driven by listener preference for deeper, story-rich content. Amidst balancing a busy life, we aim to deliver quality lore-centered episodes, inviting our audience to share this journey and explore the universe's narratives together.

As the voice behind our Star Citizen-themed podcast, it's important for me to keep you, valued listener, at the center of what I plan to do. It's been quite the journey as we've navigated the huge universe of Star Citizen.

After diving into the analytics and tuning into feedback, one thing has become clear: episodes that delve into Star Citizen's lore have resonated deeply with you. And because my heart have been always stronger towards the rich Lore storys and never been an Anchor man, this insight has led to a pivotal decision about the podcast's future direction.

Before we delve further, let's talk a bit about the person behind. I still have memories of playing Wing Commander Saga. At that time, I was convinced that interactive games like WC were the future compared to linear films. Unfortunately, there have been few games that achieved this captivating feeling. So when Chris announced Star Citizen, I was quick to pledge. As you can guess, I'm a generation older than many young players out there. I love the narrative of the game and all those little spins. But staying stable with both feet on the ground, I admit, I'm not a full-time content creator, and I never wanted to be. My profession as a network engineer, often traveling for work, presents its own set of challenges in consistently delivering quality scheduled content. Yet, my passion for Star Citizen and podcasts remains undiminished.

Given these reflections, there will be a focused shift towards exploring the lore of Star Citizen. Diving deeper into the lore of my beloved game allows for content creation without being bound by the constraints of frequent updates. It's about prioritizing quality over quantity.

I believe in delivering content that not only fills time but also enriches your listening experience. Focusing on the Star Citizen lore will allow me to craft episodes with greater depth and detail, something I've always aspired to provide.

Thank you for being an integral part of our podcast's journey. As we embark on this lore-centric journey, your continued listenership means alot to me. I invite you to share the podcast with fellow Star Citizen enthusiasts and Org friends.

Your recommendations are the lifeblood of our growing community.

See you for the next Articles and Episodes.