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A rough guide to essential abbreviations and terms in the vast universe of Star Citizen. Quickly grasp common abbreviations, acronyms, and game-specific jargon to enhance your understanding as you embark on your interstellar journey.

Star Citizen Glossary

Welcome to this glossary page! While it’s not exhaustive, it provides a comprehensive overview of frequently used terms, abbreviations, and jargon. If you notice any missing entries, we kindly request your assistance in completing the information. Simply fill in the details using this linked form. Your contribution helps expand our resource for the benefit of all. Thank you!

Aim Down Sight (ADS)

The action of looking through the sights of a weapon to aim more accurately.

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Personnel and systems responsible for managing takeoffs, landings, and flights within an airspace

Airspace Organization and Procedures (ASOP)

Regulations and procedures for air traffic control

Alpha UEC (AUEC)

The in game currency for the Star Citizen Alpha. Read more about the Star Citizen in-game Economy.

Armor-Piercing (AP)

A type of ammunition that is designed to penetrate armor or thick shields.

Central Standard Earth Time (CSET)

The standard time zone used on Earth in the Star Citizen universe.

Chris Roberts (CR)

The founder and director of Cloud Imperium Games.

Citizen Card (CC)

An identification card issued to citizens in the Star Citizen universe.

Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)

Automated anti-aircraft weapons for defense against missiles and aircraft at short ranges.

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG)

The developer of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

CrimeStat (CS)

A criminal database and wanted system in the Star Citizen universe.

Cross Chassis Upgrade (CCU)

An upgrade that changes one ship for another while keeping certain components like insurance.

Cross Section (CS)

It describes an entity´s detectability, such as a ship or missile, determined by its size and surface reflectivity, where larger or more reflective entities possess a greater cross section and are more easily sensed by sensors.

Developers Questions and Answers (Dev Q&A)

A regular Q&A session with Star Citizen developers.

Eastern Expansion Program (EEP)

A planned expansion of Stanton system in Star Citizen.

ElectroMagnetic (EM)

Related to electromagnetic fields and waves such as radar.

Enhanced Stick Precision (E.S.P.)

An input mode that improves fine aim control by slowing the aiming when the crosshair is clost to pip

Evocati (EVO)

Internal testers who help validate patches before wider testing.

Experimental Public Test Universe (EPTU)

An earlier test version of the Star Citizen alpha.

Extravehicular Activity (EVA)

Activity done outside a spacecraft or habitat, including spacewalks.

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU)

A spacesuit used for extravehicular activities in space.

Face Over IP (FOIP)

Facial capture and translation technology used in Star Citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions and standardized answers about a topic.

Habitation Units (HAB)

HAB refers to small living quarters used by citizens in Star Citizen.

Hands on Keyboard and Mouse (HOKAM)

refers to playing using keyboard and mouse controls.

Hands on Mouse and Stick (HOMAS)

is an control method where one hand operates the mouse and the other operates a joystick/flight stick.

Hands on Stick and Stick (HOSAS)

refers to using dual joysticks/flight sticks to control ship movement and aiming

Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS)

HOTAS is a control scheme using a joystick for ship movement and a throttle to control speed.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

The HUD, or heads up display, shows ship instruments and targeting information projected onto the ship cockpit windows. Other the MFD the HUD is not a Screen, it is a projection in view.

Heat-Seaking (HS)

refers to weapons that lock onto a target´s heat signature such as heat-seeking missiles

High Explosive (HE)

high explosive weapons or ammunition

Improved Target Tracking System (ITTS)

The ITTS allows ships to more effectively track and engage targets

Inertial Navigation System (INS)

The INS helps ships to navigate between destinations without relying on external references

Inside Star Citizen (ISC)

ISC is CIG´s weekly developer video update and production report on the development of Star Citizen.

Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS)

The IFCS automatically stabilizes a ship and assists with precision flight, takeoff, and landing

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU refers to medical facilities for treating citizens with critical or life-threatening injuries in Star Citizen.

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

IAE is an annual in-game event showcasing new ships and technologies from Star Citizen´s manufacturers.

Issue Council (IC)

The IC is a issue tracking site open to the players for reporting and investigating bugs and other problems in Star Citizen.

Jump Town (JT)

JT was an outpost in the game for purchasing and selling illegal goods. Coming as a regular PvP Event.

Landing Zone (LZ)

A Landing Zone is an area where ships can land and take off.

Life Time Insurance (LTI)

Insurance for your In Game Ships. If they got destroyed you can use the LTI to reclaim without paying insurance fee.

Line-Of-Sight (LOS)

LOS refers to an unobstructed straight line path between the observer and the observe

Long Term Persistence (LTP)

Long Term Persistence means that items and ships will remain in the game world when a player logs off.

Multi Function Display (MFD)

A Multi Function Display is a screen inside a ship that provides ship systems information and controls.

Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC)

Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern is an in-game ship manufacturer.

Or SSOC, Server Side Object Container Streaming (SOCS)

Server Side Object Container Streaming allows for seamless loading of in-game assets like buildings and vehicles as you move between locations in the persistent universe.

Orbital Marker (OM)

An Orbital Marker is a beacon that marks a ship´s location in orbit.

Persistent Entity Streaming (PES)

Persistent Entity Streaming is the networking tech to persistently keep track of all objects

Personal Inner Thought (PIT)

Personal Inner Thought allows private communication with another player.

Player versus Environment (PvE)

Player versus Environment refers to gameplay against computer-controlled enemies

Player versus Player (PvP)

Player versus Player means gameplay against other human players

Port Olisar (PO)

Port Olisar was long time the starting space station for new players orbiting Orison. Got replaced 2023 by Seraphim Station.

Predicted Impact Point (PIP)

A Predicted Impact Point shows where missile or projectile is predicted to hit.

Public Test Universe (PTU)

The Public Test Universe is for testing new patches before they go to the live game.

Push To Talk (PTT)

Push To Talk is a voice communication mode where voice is transmitted by pressing and holding a button.

Quantum Enforcement Device (QED)

A Quantum Enforcement Device is used by security forces to disable ships Quantum Drives and hindering them from Escape

Quantum Travel (QT)

Quantum Travel allows ships to instantaneously travel long distances faster than light by entering a quantum slipstream state.

Radar Intercept Officer (RIO)

A Radar Intercept Officer operates sensor and targeting systems to assist pilots in detecting, tracking and engaging other ships.

Rate Of Fire (ROF)

Rate Of Fire refers to how quickly a ship´s weapons systems or turrets can fire their ammunition or projectiles.

Rental Equipment Credits (REC)

Rental Equipment Credits can be used to rent equipment and vehicles temporarily for gameplay purposes in the Star Citizen universe.

Rest & Recovery (R&R)

Rest & Recovery refers to taking time off from missions and gameplay to rest characters and repair or refuel ships.

Roberts Space Industries (RSI)

Roberts Space Industries is the game development studio created by Chris Roberts to develop the Star Citizen

Salute (o7)

The o7 emote is used as a salute in chat.

Signed Distance Field (SDF)

A Signed Distance Field is a 3D array of values that encodes the distance to the closest surface and is used for physics collision in Star Citizen.

Space Combat Maneuvering (SCM)

Space Combat Maneuvering refers to flight modes for precise control of a ship during dogfighting and combat scenarios.

Squadron 42 (SQ42)

Squadron 42 is the single-player story-driven campaign set in the Star Citizen universe

Standard Cargo Unit (SCU)

A Standard Cargo Unit is the measurement unit for cargo capacity on Star Citizen ships.

Standard Hull Insurance (SHI)

Standard Hull Insurance covers the cost to replace your ship if it´s destroyed.

Star Citizen Live (SCL)

Star Citizen Live is a weekly livestream showcasing the latest Star Citizen development updates.

The Banu Merchantman (BMM)

The Banu Merchantman is an alien ship of capital size that humans have the ability to own.

This Week in Star Citizen (TWISC)

This Week in Star Citizen is a weekly report published by Cloud Imperium Games covering updates to Star Citizen´s development.

Time To Kill (TTK)

Time To Kill is the amount of time required to kill an enemy from the moment accurate weapon fire is initiated until the target is declared destroyed.

Time to Death (TTD)

Time to Death refers to the period of time between when a player first takes damage and when their character dies in the game.

Total Velocity Indicator (TVI)

Total Velocity Indicator is a holographic display in a ship´s cockpit that shows the ship´s current speed and vector.

Under Ground Facility (UGF)

An Under Ground Facility refers to any subterranean building or installation usually constructed for military or industrial purposes.

United Empire of Earth (UEE)

The United Empire of Earth is the interstellar empire and federal parliamentary constitution that governs the majority of Earth and its colonies in the Star Citizen fictional universe.

United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN)

The United Empire of Earth Navy serves as the military force of the United Empire of Earth safeguarding member worlds and territories.

United Nations of Earth (UNE)

The United Nations of Earth was the predecessor to the United Empire of Earth as the ruling political body and nation of Earth before expanding off-world.

United Planets of Earth (UPE)

The United Planets of Earth was a short-lived intergovernmental organization that preceded the United Nations of Earth in the Star Citizen fictional universe.

User Interface (UI)

The User Interface handles the interaction and presentation of information between the user and the game, including displays like health bars and menus.

Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

A VTOL or Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft can take off, hover, and land vertically.

microTech (MT)

microTech is an icy planet in the Stanton system.