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Quantum Jump Markers

A Quantum Jump Marker in Star Citizen indicates where to align the ship for faster-than-light travel, guiding players on quantum jumps to their destination.

What is a Quantum Jump Marker in Star Citizen?

A Quantum Jump Marker in Star Citizen is a marker that appears on the player's HUD when they engage their quantum drive to travel faster than light to a destination. The marker will point the direction they need to travel in quantum in order to reach their selected destination. Once they are aligned with the marker, the player can engage their quantum drive and travel along the marked route. The marker helps guide players as they perform quantum jumps between locations in the game world.

The quantum drive is a core component for navigating the vast distances of the 'Verse. While initiating a jump requires minimal action, understanding the various destination markers displayed on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) is crucial for Navigation. These markers appear on the HUD when the quantum drive is engaged and indicate the targeted jump destination.

Depending on the Game Version those Markers changed over time:

Since Patch 3.23 in May '24 the Quantum Markers differs completely fromt the old. starcitizen-323-qt-markers-min

The new "simplified" version of the Markes in 3.23 has received quite a bit of criticism, I want to link to a discussion on the Spectrum forums about it.

For those of you who are new, here is the official FAQ entry for QT jumping.

And thanks for the Reddit feedback. I have been asked about the background graphic, this was just a random screenshot I took with my Pisces on a box mission, you can find it here.