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Star Citizen drug running and selling

The "Nefarious Goods Cheat Sheet" for Star Citizen Drug Running! This infographic guides players on risk levels at different locations, providing valuable insights on the safest and most dangerous spots to sell illicit goods.

This is based on this Reddit post of mine, this page serves to keep a permanent URL and the HQ version.

Feedback from the community is appreciated to enhance and expand this handy resource. Happy smuggling!

Note; Thanks for the Feedback on reddit, I created an updated Version


  • 2024‐01‐29 Added Weevil, correct Maze price, Added Cellin, Added Ravens Roost, Added JT Notes, Added Private Property
  • 2024‐01‐28 Initial Version


Selling_Nefarious_Goods-20240129 - Star Citizen Drug Running Cheat Sheet

Drug Running in Star Citizen: A Lucrative Shadow Trade

In the universe of Star Citizen, players explore a range of legal and not‐so‐legal activities – drug smuggling stands out as a dark but potentially lucrative venture. At first glance, the consensus among players might be that drug smuggling is a low‐yield, time‐consuming activity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, drug running can be incredibly lucrative, especially when approached with a savvy strategy off the beaten track.

The first misconception to dispel is the limited method of buying and selling drugs. Many believe that it involves completing missions that direct players to specific drug labs, followed by a sale at designated terminals with notoriously low demand. This underestimates the many opportunities the game offers to those willing to think critically and explore more efficient trade routes.

Within the complex legal framework of Star Citizen, drugs are categorised as Class A, B and C substances, with varying degrees of legality and penalties. For example, Maze, which is classified as a Class B substance on some planets, can result in a mere misdemeanour or no charge at all, depending on the local jurisdiction.

In addition, the strategic choice of ships and cargo can significantly increase profits with minimal risk. By using smaller ships for quick runs, players can make a substantial profit, with a trip from Lyria to Walla netting nearly 30,000 credits from a single load of slam, demonstrating the potential for those new to the trade or preferring smaller, safer hauls.

Drug trading in Star Citizen offers a nuanced, complex opportunity for players who enjoy the darker, more clandestine aspects of the game. By navigating the legal intricacies and employing an informed, strategic approach to smuggling, players can reap substantial rewards in this high‐stakes, shadowy enterprise.

Where to sell Drugs in Star Citizen?

For those looking to dabble in this high‐stakes business, knowing the right places to sell is essential.

sell Contraband

  • Reclamation and Disposal Orinth (Hurston): A less‐crowded spot that’s starting to gain attention due to nearby salvage missions.
  • Samson and Son’s Salvage Center (Wala): Generally a safer bet unless Jumptown is under control.
  • Brio’s Breaker Yard (Daymar): The proximity to Yela makes this a frequently camped spot by pirates.
  • Devlin Scarp (Euterpe): Its remote location means fewer camps but consider the travel distance.
  • Grim Hex (Yela): A classic go‐to, but be wary of its popularity among players, only buy smaller amounts.
  • CRU‐L4, Shallow Fields Station
  • CRL‐L5, Beautiful Glen Station

Remember, as selling points are linked across servers, it’s key to assess the server activity when choosing your trade point. Always consider the balance between distance, the volume of goods, and how „hot” the area is regarding pirate activity.

Tips for Safer Transactions

  • Dodge direct warps: Create bounce points instead or use a friend as a scout.
  • Server awareness: If you can’t sell even 1 unit of drugs, consider switching servers.
  • Know the economy: The amount you can sell at each location rises over time but drops once a sale is made. If faced with an „undefined” error, it’s a cue to try another spot.

The Risks Involved

It’s not all smooth sailing in the world of interstellar drug running. Pirates are a constant threat, often camping at popular selling points ready to pick off unwary traders. An organized ambush can cost you your cargo and, sometimes, your ship. Utilizing escorts and scouts can help, but there’s always a risk involved. The thrill of the chase and the risk of being ambushed add a significant layer of excitement to Star Citizen’s Contraband drug running.

Whether you’re navigating the grey areas of controlled substances out of necessity or for the sheer thrill, success in Star Citizen’s underworld demands cunning, caution, and a keen eye for opportunity. By choosing your selling locations wisely and staying vigilant against the ever‐present threat, you can carve out a lucrative, if perilous, path in the universe’s dark corners.

Remember, the universe of Star Citizen is unforgiving, and while drug running can be lucrative, it is fraught with peril at every turn may giving you the Adrenaline rush you are searching for. Navigate with caution, trader.