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What is this webpage about and who runs it?

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logo-citizen-history-256-min Welcome to citizen-history.com, a space dedicated to chronicling the evolving narrative of Star Citizen. Originally established as a timeline showcasing in‐game lore, the page has evolved to encompass a wider array of content pertinent to the Star Citizen universe.

The initial iteration of this website served as a comprehensive timeline, meticulously detailing the rich and immersive lore embedded within the Star Citizen universe. This Star Citizen lore timeline remains a cornerstone, providing most important history the game’s storyline.

Expanding beyond lore alone, citizen-history.com includes various articles touching the expanding Star Citizen universe.

Additionaly the site’s podcast delves into Star Citizen lore and its history. This refined focus allows for a deeper exploration of the universe’s stories, characters, and significant events, offering an engaging auditory experience for lore enthusiasts and those keen to uncover the game’s rich backstory.


Now, a bit about the me as the driving force behind this platform

I am a devoted PC Gamer. My passion for gaming was ignited by the Wing Commander Saga, which captivated me from its inception to its culmination. Games like Privateer and Freelancer further fueled my enthusiasm for immersive space simulations. So you can guess I am also a „older” Gamer born in the 70ties. Therefore, when Chris Roberts heralded the resurgence of this beloved era with Star Citizen, I was among the first to pledge support on its very inception.

Thank you for visiting citizen-history.com. If you like please link to it and recommend. I invite you to embark on this journey as we explore the expanse of Star Citizen’s Verse. Contact me via E‑Mail at h.…..@solariz.de