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a cherished tradition in the United Empire of Earth

The Invictus Launch Week

Experience the grandeur of the UEE Navy during Invictus Fleet Week in Star Citizen. This event showcases the dedication and resilience of the brave men and women who serve and protect. Join the festivities and be part of a testament to the enduring spirit of the UEE!

Invictus Launch Week, a cherished UEE tradition, has evolved from its origins during the First Tevarin War into a grand celebration of the Navy's bravery and dedication. Despite facing challenges throughout history, the event remains a testament to the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect the Empire.

Invictus Launch Week: A Celebration of the UEE Navy's Courage and Sacrifice

The Invictus Launch Week, a cherished tradition in the United Empire of Earth (UEE), has its roots dating back several centuries to the days of the United Planets of Earth (UPE). Born out of necessity during the First Tevarin War in 2541, this event has evolved into a grand celebration of the Navy's bravery and dedication to protecting the Empire.


When the Tevarin threat emerged, Humanity found itself in dire need of an organized military force. The UPE Tribunal sent out an urgent call for recruits, and transport ships on each settled planet gathered volunteers to be trained at the Invictus facility on Mars. On October 12, 2542, families and communities gathered at launch pads across the UPE to honor those who would defend against the alien invaders. As the conflict continued, more recruits would gather annually on this day to begin their training.

In the early years, Invictus involved Navy ships visiting populated planets to pick up recruits and project power and security. The week-long event, held every October, emphasized the importance of sacrifice for the Empire's greater good. In 2581, Invictus became an official holiday celebrating the Navy, with ceremonies becoming more elaborate and featuring expo halls showcasing ships and technologies.

However, during the 26th century, concerns grew over the event's authoritarian propaganda and the Messer regime's pro-military agenda. In 2681, the Navy stopped using Invictus for recruitment, instead requiring self-reporting to Kilian. Events became more focused, held at major landing zones, and included recruitment centers targeting the Vanduul threat.

By the late 2730s, Invictus attendance declined due to recruitment weariness. In 2743, Imperator Galor Messer IX made attendance mandatory, attracting large crowds, including anti-Messer activists. Missing the event was later deemed "unpatriotic behavior," punishable by up to five years in prison. This legal mandate was abolished in 2792 when the Messer regime fell.

After the Messers, Invictus gained importance as the Navy needed new recruits and sought to reshape the event's image. Moved to May and presented as a family-friendly celebration, it focused on serving the greater good. Aggressive recruitment centers were replaced with aspirational dioramas showcasing the Navy's aid to the Empire, and flight show performances were added in 2803 to enhance entertainment value.

Today, Invictus Launch Week continues to evolve, showcasing the latest Naval fleet vehicles and celebrating the year's recruits and graduating officers and pilots. Despite some criticism of its cost and commercialization, the event remains a beloved Empire-wide tradition, honoring the brave starmen who dedicate themselves to protecting the UEE.

As we gather to celebrate Invictus Launch Week, let us remember the sacrifices made by those who serve in the Navy and the event's rich history. From its humble beginnings during the First Tevarin War to its current form as a grand celebration, Invictus has always stood as a testament to the courage and commitment of those who defend our Empire.

Hear and witness that I do solemnly pledge, mind and body, that I will serve and protect the United Empire of Earth against all who would seek to harm it and its people. That I will faithfully discharge the duties asked of me and when called upon, I will defend the Empire with my life. That I will be the sword and the shield. That I will not falter nor fail but fight and win. That I swear to do all in my power to act as a guardian of freedom and justice, as a champion of honor and valor, and as a true and proud member of the UEE Navy.

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