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Week 4 Update, January 26

This week we have Inside Star Citizen and Schedule Changes, MVP, recoil behavior and much more.

This is part of our Brief devRecap Podcast focusing on the relevant.

This summary provides insights into the latest updates and announcements from Star Citizen's development team, detailing changes to content scheduling, in-game features, and community events. You can expect information ranging from episode scheduling for ISC and SCL to in-game purchasing updates, weapon mechanics, and patch notes for recent updates.

Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live Scheduling Changes

22 Jan. 2023

  • ISC and SCL return on 1st/2nd February 2024, with a new schedule aligned with major patch releases.
  • Instead of the previous ten weeks on, three weeks off routine, ISC will broadcast continuously until 3.23 is released, with breaks afterwards.
  • More episodes of ISC will be produced covering more aspects of game development.
  • SCL will retain its usual characteristics.
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22 Jan. 2023

  • TWISC featured a video by "Its Cozy" documenting adventures in Stanton, and a lore post about "Pyrotechnic Amalgamated".
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3.23 In-Game Purchase of Ships

19 Jan. 2023

  • SRV and vehicles from IAE last year will be purchasable in-game in patch 3.23.
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Recoil Behaviour of Energy Weapons Vs Ballistics

21 Jan. 2023

  • Horizontal recoil for weapons is challenging compared to vertical recoil.
  • Energy weapons (KLWE & laser) are designed with lower recoil than ballistic weapons, but with lower firepower.
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Patch 3.22.0a in EPTU

22 Jan. 2023

  • Alpha Patch 3.22.0a addressed issues with "Spawn Elevators" not closing and fixed Stanton Mission Content for MSR spawning.
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Clarification on Storage Container Contents and Patch Inventory Reset

24 Jan. 2023

  • Inventory items in storage containers carry over to the next patch through Long Term Persistence, similar to armor storage.
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Changes to Reloading in FPS Weapons

24 Jan. 2023

  • The action matrix upgrade will streamline gun reloads and action queuing.
  • Future versions will allow for auto-cancel of reload animations when actions such as sprinting intervene.
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New PU Patch with Siege of Orison

25 Jan. 2023

  • PU patched to version 3.22.0a with numerous changes, including:
    • Increased damage and health of defense turrets.
    • Adjusted NPC bounty ship cargo for economic balance.
    • Audio improvements for San'tok.yai.
    • Fix for multiple bugs such as ATC issues, Orison shuttles, and missile disappearance.
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Bar-Citizen Barcelona Event

25 Jan. 2023

  • The Bar Citizen event is scheduled for 3rd February at Space Cowboy Barcelona.
  • Engagement with Star Citizen fans emphasized, with potential for a similar event in Valencia.
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Final Notes

  • "In case you missed it" sale ongoing until 29 January.
  • The next event is likely the Red Festival close to Chinese New Year.

Star Citizen's Siege of Orison return

A recent update and community highlights have provided fodder for discussion, from the 'Siege of Orison' event to the anticipation surrounding game patches and the introduction of new ships. Here's what's been happening in the 'verse.

TWISC Flexible Scheduling for Enhanced Engagement

Starting February 1st, This Week in Star Citizen is switching gears to a more flexible content stream schedule, departing from the previously rigid setup. This change, as shared by Jared Huckaby, is tailored to align with the game patch release cadence, ensuring that major updates are seamlessly integrated into the regular streams - a move likely to enrich the community's experience by keeping content fresh and relevant.

Community Spotlight and In-Game Splendors

The vibrant Star Citizen community continually showcases creativity, as seen in "Its Cozy's" latest cinematic adventure through Stanton. Meanwhile, ship enthusiasts have something to look forward to with the announcement that the SRV and last year's IAE releases will soon be purchasable in-game in the 3.23 patch—a testament to the game's evolving arsenal and the infinite possibilities it presents.

The Siege of Orison and Gameplay Adjustments

The 'Siege of Orison' event, running until February 5, stands out in the 3.22.0a Alpha Patch, drawing players into extended conflict and strategy. This update also introduces significant tweaks across the board - from increased damage and health of defense turrets to audio improvements for the "San'tok Yai." However, it's not just about the flashy battles; gameplay refinements like the upcoming action matrix show a keen focus on smoothing FPS elements, enhancing everything from reload interruptions to med pen usage.

Community Gathering Bar Citizen Barcelona

Star Citizen's reach extends beyond the screen, with real-world meetups like the upcoming Bar Citizen event in Barcelona serving as a testament to its thriving community. These gatherings, alongside engaging Spectrum discussions and anticipation for future patches, underscore the game's role in forging connections and fostering a shared passion for space exploration. A Persistent Universe Awaits 3rd February at Space Cowboy Barcelona.

With every patch and development update, Star Citizen continues to shape a universe that's as unpredictable as it is fascinating. Though the path to full release might still be dotted with uncertainties, the journey—paved by community contributions, developer insights, and ceaseless innovation—promises an adventure like no other. So, whether you're fighting in the Siege of Orison or exploring the vast reaches of the cosmos, remember: in Star Citizen, the stars are only the beginning.