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Feb 16 | Distribution Centers

Starting at this summary providing the essence of this weeks Star Citizen Live show where the Distribution Centers firstly introduced at CitizenCon 2952 was further discussed. The conversation covers the purpose and features of these centers, their various roles for different types of players, and hints at future content expansions.

This is part of our Brief devRecap Podcast focusing on the relevant.

As always here is a Brief summary:

What are Distribution Centers

  • Distribution Centers are large hubs owned by organizations for distributing goods, offering a wide variety of activities and missions.
  • They will be different depending on the faction and provide a microcosm for all FPS‐related gameplay in the game.
  • Players can engage in activities like delivery missions, infiltrations, assassinations, bombing runs, first‐person combat, and theft.


  • Upcoming release 3.23 will bring multiple Distribution Centers (DCs) across the Stanton system, each owned by different brands, inviting both friendly and hostile interactions.
  • Centers have two wings with landing pads, hangars, cargo freight elevators, and several internal areas like lobbies, VIP spaces, maintenance areas, and a central warehouse for missions and gameplay.
  • The storage rooms are crucial for distributing large cargo boxes requiring a tractor beam.
  • There are also worker rest areas, security areas, and maintenance areas with various functions, providing ample content for players.


  • Vehicles can be brought to the outside wings of a Distribution Center but cannot be driven inside due to vehicle force fields.
  • Developers are aware that players will try and find ways to get vehicles inside despite restrictions.

Player Roles and Missions

  • Distribution Centers aim to cater to different player styles: aggressive lawful, non‐aggressive lawful, aggressive unlawful, and non‐aggressive unlawful, offering appropriate missions and gameplay.
  • Aggressive lawful players may defend centers from outlaws, engage in combat missions, or team up for assaults.
  • Non‐aggressive lawful players can focus on cargo delivery and hauling missions, using the Distribution Center as a logistics hub.
  • Aggressive unlawful players can launch assaults, perform assassinations, or conduct risky heists against Distribution Centers.
  • Non‐aggressive unlawful players can undertake stealth theft missions, avoiding detection while stealing goods.
  • Player actions at a Distribution Center will depend on their type and the center’s security level, with possibilities of social space or strict mission access.

Ongoing Development

  • The introduction of Distribution Centers is just the beginning, with development ongoing for the 3.23 update, and more variety planned for future releases like 4.0.
  • The team plans to add endgame content, such as raids, after the 3.23 update.


  • Distribution Centers will be essential for various types of gameplay and missions in Alpha 3.23.
  • The introduction of these centers is a major milestone, with much‐anticipated raid gameplay to follow.

You can find the whole Video Show here.

Spectrum Recap

Back to the Regular Spectrum Posts and the Recap about it. This Weeks notes cover various updates, including patches to the game, changes in patch note confidentiality, handling of ground vehicles, and adjustments to in‐game weapon damage. A lore article is also highlighted, offering backstory details for a particular in‐game ship.

Evocati Patchnotes

Feb 14

  • Evocati patch notes will now be publicly released, lifting the previous NDA on these documents.
  • Discussions about Evocati patches are encouraged, but visual disclosures remain under NDA.
  • The NDA still applies to other aspects of the Evocati program.
  • Link to source.

Spawning Ground Vehicles in Hangars

14 Feb

  • Ground vehicles cannot currently be managed at some Ports like Orison. To improve this, Vehicles will be treated as cargo in Future, allowing them to be delivered to hangars for loading onto ships.
  • Link to source.

Huge Distortion Nerf

14 Feb

  • An EPTU Patch removed distortion damage from all items except power plants and dashboards.
  • This change is temporary until distortion damage mechanics are reworked.
  • Shields now have high resistance against distortion weapons, dependent on power settings.
  • Link to source.

LORE: Whitley’s Guide – Valkyrie

14 Feb

  • A new lore article discusses the creation, purpose, and history of the Anvil Valkyrie.
  • Link to source.

EPTU Patch

15. Feb

  • The recent EPTU Patch addressed input axis range issues and included various bug fixes.
  • This patch also improved aspects of the dynamic events planned for the game.
  • Link to source.