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End of December`23 Update

Insights into recoil and adjustments to the Karna Rifle, the F8C ship balance, performance issues around Microtech, capacitor recharge rates in 'Master Mode,' and an update on the Xi'an language.

F8C Meta OP?

24. Dec. 2023

  • All ships, including the F8C, will undergo reassessment for agility in the upcoming MM patch.
  • Specific tuning values and balance adjustments are pending and will not be discussed until MM patching begins.
  • Almost all numerical values for ships are expected to change.
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Master Mode Capacitor Recharge Rates

23. Dec. 2023

  • Acknowledged a bug with the Hornet's capacitor recharge rate being incorrectly low.
  • An update to correct the recharge rate will be implemented early next year.
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Performance Drop Around Microtech Wilderness

24. Dec. 2023

  • Teams are aware of and have logged the performance issues around Microtech following the addition of new flora assets.
  • A fix is pending, with action planned after the holiday season.
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Recoil Bug Explanation

29. Dec. 2023

  • Described a recoil bug where rapid firing prevents the recoil reset animation from correctly resetting between shots.
  • The upcoming fix addresses recoil inconsistencies, particularly with the Karna Rifle, including its recoil animation and damage output.
  • Clipping issues are also noted, and the team is handling them on a case-by-case basis.
  • Some weapons, like the LH86 and C54, intentionally have misalignment during firing but compensate with increased firepower.
  • Mentioned that "Star Citizen" models its firing mechanism more like a simulation game, firing literally from the barrel, as opposed to the style of arcade games.
  • The development tool allows for precise control over recoil pattern noise, with differing levels of consistency depending on the weapon manufacturer.
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Update on Xi'an Language

21. Dec. 2023

  • Released an updated version of the Xi'an Language for Diplomats.
  • The update adds over 1700 new terms, achieving vocabulary parity with Banu.
  • Praises the efforts of @xenolinguist for his work on the language.
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