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Feb 9 Recap Update

The published Roadmap Update once again given its community plenty to talk about, introducing exciting features to specific clarifications from the development team, there's always something new on the horizon. Let's unpack some of the recent highlights.

This is part of our Brief devRecap Podcast focusing on the relevant.

Roadmap Revelations: What's planned for 3.23?

The most recent roadmap update for Star Citizen version 3.23 unveils some promising advancements:

  • Character Customization: A leap forward with a new system that allows for detailed personalization.
  • Distribution Centers: These massive hubs combine both commercial and industrial elements, setting the stage for future gameplay depth.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: From the Visor HUD rework to improved player interaction and EVA movements, the update is teeming with quality-of-life improvements.

Among these updates, the introduction of personal and instance hangars, new Mobiglass and apps, and a comprehensive rework of the Star Map stand out as game-changers for the player experience. [Full Roadmap Update]

Community Engagements and Developer Feedback

The Star Citizen community is vibrant and ever-engaged, bringing up concerns and celebrations alike:

  • Illegal Towing and Crimestats: Following community feedback on the state of illegal towing, the development team has acknowledged the issue and is on the case to ensure fair gameplay. [source]
  • Dragonfly LTI Clarification: Good news for Drake Interplanetary's Dragonfly fans - the referral bonus version will come with Lifetime Insurance, ensuring your Dragonfly is always ready for adventure. [source]
  • Lunar New Year and Coramor Events: These festive events are currently live, offering exclusive skins and a screenshot contest for the community to showcase their creativity. [source]
  • An clarification about the Quantum Boost feature: while the main functionality is ready, other necessary features and support in the Persistent Universe are still under development. Therefore, Quantum Boost will not be included in the 3.23 update, but rest assured, it's on the horizon. [source]