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Week 1 Update, January

The following summary condenses key details from a selection of developer notes within the "Star Citizen" community, touching on contest winners, cargo grid references, patch notes, stealth gameplay updates, character animations, content scheduling, financial reporting, and loaner matrix adjustments. The notes are arranged to offer a clear and structured overview of recent updates and upcoming changes.

This is part of our Brief devRecap Podcast focusing on the relevant.

2023 Luminalia Greeting Card Contest Winners

5. Jan. 2024

  • The winners of the 2023 Luminalia Greeting Card Contest were announced.
  • Numerous submissions showcased the community's creativity and skills.
  • Winners from the Community Hub include FoxyEvox, Pepper-Boots, and Phobokin.
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EPTU New Patch Notes

4. Jan. 2024

  • The EPTU.9012505 patch has been released for testing.
  • It includes stability improvements and a Siege of Orison Playtest.
  • A new FPS tool, the Greycat Industrial Cambio SRT, has been added.
  • Detailed bug fixes are available at the source link.
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Female Characters Man-Spreading Animation

2. Jan. 2024

  • Confirmed both male and female-specific animations are expected.
  • Initial asset creation targets male characters, with female versions following.
  • Female characters will receive distinct animations for actions such as locomotion and sitting.
  • Community feedback on this matter is noted and appreciated.
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Loaner Matrix Update Early This Year

1. Jan. 2024

  • Plans to update the Loaner Matrix to streamline the page and review some loaners.
  • The changes are scheduled for early in the year.
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Reference of Grid Layout and Supported Container Sizes

4. Jan. 2024 cargo-grid-star-citizen

  • A player named Erec created reference sheets for the cargo grid layout of certain ships, gaining developer recognition.
  • The sheet provides a helpful visual guide to manage cargo effectively.
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Return to Weekly Content

2. Jan. 2024

  • This Week in Star Citizen (TWISC) content will resume next week.
  • Other regular content shows are expected to return later in the month.
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Stealth as an Invisibility Potion in 3.22

3. Jan. 2024

  • Emissions and stealth changes have been implemented to set the course for future stealth gameplay.
  • Cross-section reductions for ships were made with few exceptions.
  • Stealth ships received modifiers to lower overall emissions, with ongoing monitoring.
  • Future updates will give players more control over managing their ship emissions.
  • A mix-up with stealth armor on the Razor and Razor EX will be corrected shortly.
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2022 Financial Report

2. Jan. 2024

  • The 2022 Financial Report will be released this week, as announced by Cloud Imperium Games. report
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End Notes

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