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Holidays & regular Events in Star Citizen

Discover the lore of festive traditions in our guide, covering events from the Red Festival to Luminalia, Pirate Week, IAE, and more. Dive into articles and audio narrations that bring to life the celebrations uniting the universe.

This page gives an overview of holidays and regular events in the Star Citizen universe. I try to explain where they come from and what they mean, focusing on the lore part.


Over time, the list of entries with linked headlines will grow as I develop more in‐depth articles, each accompanied by produced audio articles. Given the extensive effort required, populating the entire list will take some time. These articles aim to explore the lore more comprehensively than the provided summaries. Therefore, stay tuned and periodically revisit to witness the expansion of the collection.

Lore of regular Events

The Lunar New Year – Red Festival

  • The Red Festival, rooted in ancient Earth traditions marking the ‘lunisolar year,’ celebrates renewal and remembrance. Customs vary but typically involve donning red for luck, storytelling to honor loved ones, enjoying long foods for longevity, and exchanging golden‐red envelopes as symbols of future prosperity.


  • The universe’s challenges feel less daunting with a partner. Coramor, celebrated each February in the UEE since 2486, commemorates Yuri Ilyin’s tragic attempt to rescue his lover, Corazon Tan, following a jump point collapse to the Oretani system. Yuri’s journey ended with his mysterious disappearance, his final transmission reflecting his dedication to Cora. His story, later immortalized in the film „Coramor,” gave rise to the holiday’s traditions, such as exchanging gifts with loved ones, planning romantic trips, and sending messages into the cosmos either in search of new love or in memory of those lost. The holiday is marked by pink and black, the colors of Yuri’s ship, symbolizing love and the void left by his and Cora’s tale.

Stella Fortuna

  • Stella Fortuna is a festive celebration marking Mars’s successful colonization, symbolized by feasting, fireworks, and gold and green colors. Following a catastrophic failure in Mars’s first colonization attempt, the subsequent successful effort was fueled by resilience and defiance, encapsulated in the motto “Tempt Fate.” In 2200, to commemorate 45 years on Mars, the holiday was inaugurated, with March 18th, 2202, chosen for the initial celebration. Named „Stella Fortuna” by a young Martian, the event featured interplanetary carnivals, discounted space travels, land raffles on Mars, and merchandise, culminating in vibrant green and gold fireworks. Eventually, March 15th became the official date for Stella Fortuna, adjusting from the original conjunction‐based scheduling to avoid clashing with another significant day.

Invictus Launch Week

  • Invictus Launch Week, also known as Fleet Week, is celebrated in the last week of May to signal the start of the United Empire of Earth Navy’s (UEEN) recruiting year and to honor the freshly graduated officers and pilots. This tradition began in SEY 2542 amid the First Tevarin War (2541–2546), initiated by the United Planets of Earth (UPE) Tribunal to bolster its forces against the Tevarin threat by shuttling volunteers from various planetary systems to the UPE Naval Base Invictus on Mars. Instituted as an annual observance by Imperator Ivar Messer I in 2581, the celebration persists today in the UEEN’s calendar, maintaining its historical name even though the original Invictus base has since ceased to exist.

Alien Week

  • Alien Week is a celebration embracing the diverse alien cultures within the wide and intriguing galaxy of Star Citizen. Coinciding with First Contact Day, it marks humanity’s first encounter with the Banu on June 12th, 2438, when explorer Vernon Tar stumbled upon a Banu fugitive ship in the Davien System. This annual event encourages the Star Citizen community to delve into and appreciate the alien, featuring both alien‐designed ships and detailed human replicas, while also exploring the language, culture, and history of not just the Banu, but also the Tevarin, Xi’an, and Vanduul species.

Foundation Festival

  • The Foundation Festival, taking place in July, seeks to bolster community unity within the Empire. Started in 2861 by Imperator Gayatari Deomana, it encourages Citizens and civilians to volunteer with various organizations. With independent charities often at capacity, the UEE government offers short‐term opportunities like mentorship and cleanup projects. Engaging in these activities during the festival can count towards Citizenship applications, underlining the event’s role in enhancing communal bonds and encouraging civic participation.

Pirate Week

  • Raise a toast with a hearty ale to honor the Banu gods of looting and raiding, as Pirate Week docks once more. Get ready, ye scallywags, for a time filled with more pirate‐themed revelry and mischief than you can shake a saber at.

Day of the Vara

  • Celebrated on October 27th in the UEE, is a tribute to life and the deceased, marked by black and green festoons and costumes mimicking the dead. Originating from the mysterious disappearance of the exploration vessel Vara in 2557, the holiday has evolved to include sharing supernatural tales, particularly those set in space, reflecting human fascination and fear of the unknown. What began as a superstition has grown into a widespread celebration, incorporating traditions of memorializing the departed through attire, stories, and rituals like enjoying special foods and staying awake till dawn, all to honor and remember lost souls while cautiously heeding the lore surrounding space travel.


  • CitizenCon is a yearly convention by Cloud Imperium Games that celebrates the game’s community, reflecting on achievements and previewing upcoming content. Each year, it’s held in a new location, featuring cosplay contests, memorabilia, community booths, and more. The concept was introduced in 2013 by Ben Lesnick and Pete Mackay.

IAE – International Aerospace Expo

  • The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), an annual November event, began in 2670 with Audrey Timmerman’s debut of the experimental ship Poby in Castor, evolving significantly over centuries. Initially without a fixed venue and undergoing various sponsorships, issues such as a deadly accident in 2701 led to tightened safety measures, including allowing only professional pilots for demonstrations. The expo was heavily influenced by the Messer regime, favoring certain corporations. Post‐Messer era saw it becoming a corporate‐led event. A disastrous 2913 expo prompted finding a permanent location in Eri City by 2916, despite challenges like increased traffic and outlaw activity. To alleviate pressure, satellite expos started in 2948.


  • Celebrated on December 22nd, merges Human and Banu traditions in a vibrant festival of gift‐exchanging, lights, food, drink, and communal joy. Originating from the Banu’s tsikti efanga or Glow Festival, it involves lighting ceremonial lamps and inviting all into one’s home as an act of unity. Initially a spontaneous event with roots in Banu culture’s non‐chronological record‐keeping, it gained structure and widespread appeal after Humans started participating post the Banu‐Human Peace and Trade Accord in 2438. Over time, Luminalia evolved into a popular interstellar holiday, known for its gift hunts, festive discounts, and the symbolic colors green and red, officially recognized on the Human calendar by 2557.